Fat Transfer

All your own stuff, its the ultimate in organic treatments

Sometimes, when volume depletion in the face (or body) is such that the amount of filler required is more than average, fat can be taken from one part of the body, filtered, broken down and carefully injected into the area of volume loss.

Cost Effective Volume Replacement

Why is this better? It is autologous. This means that the substance used as filler comes from you. It is your own tissue so adverse reactions are rare. Also the volume obtained can be substantial and this can lead to a more cost effective way of achieving volume replacement.

Minimally Invasive

As with any minimally invasive treatment piercing the skin, infection is always a risk. It is carried out under strict aseptic theatre conditions so the incidence of this is minimal. Bruising can also occur but resolves quickly.


All your own stuff, it's the ultimate in organic treatments.

Essential Info

How long does it last?

Up to 50% of the treated smooth fat injected will be reabsorbed over a couple of years. For that reason, we overfill a little to account for this. It can be repeated at any time, so overfilling has never been an issue in our practice.

Where is the fat taken from?

Usually the fat from the front of the abdomen but also from the fat pad on the inside of the knees. Which can be a bonus.

£1,500 for one session. Can be combined with FaceTite and NeckTite where the additional cost is £1,000.

I see a difference already. I have not had much sleep due to my two year old and actually look fresh.
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