Offers an additional lift when platysmal or “neck bands” are the main issue

Unlike other thread lifts available, Ethibond suspension suture is often used in plastic surgery and can offer a longer lasting result.

Achieve Additional Lift

Sometimes, when the jawline lacks definition, fat removal and tightening may not be enough to achieve the desired results. This could be inherited, or simply the neck and jaw line contours have aged to a degree that a little additional help is needed.

Long Lasting Effects

In these cases, non absorbable threads (permanent) can be carefully inserted under the skin just beneath the jaw line to give an additional lift. This technique has been used to augment surgical neck lifts for years now but is only recently available as part of a non excisional (no scalpel) neck and lower face. They differ from the absorbable (dissolvable) threads inasmuch as they last longer and are much stronger in their effect.

The Procedure

The procedure is carried out under strict asepsis in a treatment room reserved for minor ops. It is usually inserted as part of a Neck Tite treatment when the skin of the neck is completely numb from local anaesthetic. An Ethibond thread is passed carefully under the skin from behind one ear, just below the jaw line to behind the other ear. It passes back towards the middle of the neck where it is tied off and placed under the skin.

Essential Info

Is it uncomfortable?

The sensation of tightness is usually felt at the time but this always passes after a few hours. It is never uncomfortable. It can look puckered for a day or so until the swelling subsides but, other than that, it leaves no trace. Just a more lifted and defined jawline.

Are there risks?

As always , there is a risk of infection but this is rare. Antibiotics are given on the day and antibiotic ointment given away to apply for the following 3 days. Once the anaesthetic wears off there can be some discomfort behind the ears but this passes and can be alleviated with simple analgesics. The thread can also break or slip. This is usually not an issue as the effect of the lift has been established in the first week or so. If necessary, the thread can be re-inserted.

Ethibond costs an additional £500 when combined with NeckTite.

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