Using Dermapen for skin rejuvenation and scar treatment

Dermapen micro-needling is a highly effective tool in skin rejuvenation and scar treatment. Needled skin produces more collagen, resulting in skin that is fresher, tighter, more supple, with fewer fine lines.

Mesotherapy To Rejuvenate Tired Skin

Mesotherapy simply means needling treatment of the dermis. It is an absolutely fantastic way to rejuvenate tired skin. It was popular in France for many years before becoming commonly known and is based on the observation that skin which has been ‘needled’ will produce more collagen in response to the controlled trauma of repeated needling. It was noticed that skin that had been tattooed (for replacement of pigment in vitiligo) was in better condition than surrounding un-tattooed skin.

Before & After - Dermapen Mesotherapy

Using The Latest Technology

For a while, mesotherapy was done using a single needle, which was used to repeatedly, gently, pierce the skin. This, obviously, is time consuming and operator dependent and was quickly superseded by the Dermaroller. This is a plastic rolling device with multiple small needles, which pierce the skin as it is rolled over the skin. This, too, has been superseded by electric needling devices. The Dermapen, which we use, is just one of many available. It has many advantages. Not least, a reduction in pain during treatment.

Introducing Active Ingredients

Mesotherapy provides an opportunity to introduce active ingredients through the tiny needle channels created in the skin. Popular agents include vitamins, hyaluronic acid. We like to use a U225 MesoGun intradermal injector, together with a Dermapen to deliver PRP treatment.

Essential Info

The Dermapen

The Dermapen is a hand-held electric pen which uses a disposable cartridge, containing 12 very fine needles. These can be dialled up or down to control the depth of treatment required. Fine or shallow for around the eyes and forehead, deeper for the cheeks. This allows for a very controlled, safe treatment which other microneedling devices are not able to deliver. The puncture marks in the skin are vertical, and to a precise depth, so there is less risk of inadvertent damage to your skin.

The U225 MesoGun

The U225 MesoGun Intradermal Injector is a mesotherapy tool which is used in dermal needling treatments. It differs from the Dermapen as it actually injects substances into the dermis. It does this via a very small hollow needle attached to a syringe which is loaded onto the mesotherapy "gun". This syringe can be primed with your own platelet rich plasma or other dermal stimulating substances, such as retinol, hyaluronic acid or brightening agents. The frequency and depth can be preset for very precise treatment of specific problem areas, such as top lip lines or under eye crepiness.

Dermapen is extremely good at treating tired, crepey skin. The effects are apparent after 3-4 weeks and continue to be seen for several months.

The actual controlled trauma of the tiny needles stimulates the dermis to ‘heal’. This literally means that new collagen is made and laid down. This leads to increased elasticity and strength, which imparts a healthy glow to treated skin. Micro-needling has been shown to be effective in smoothing acne scarring, and improving the appearance of stretch marks. It can be used anywhere on the body.

As an excellent facial rejuvenation treatment, we usually combine Dermapen with PRP therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy) for best results.

The Dermapen head oscillates, which causes the needles to pierce the skin several times a second. This uses what we call in anaesthetics “gate theory”. This means that, because the nerves are overwhelmed by sensations, the pain stimuli do not get through. This is what happens when we rub a painful area. Consequently, the treatment is very comfortable and is tolerated extremely well. Combined with the local anaesthetic cream, the sensation is of a buzzing on the skin.

It is brilliant at targeting specific areas, such as peri-oral lip lines or cheek lines but its main advantage over manual injecting is comfort and speed. It injects tiny amounts of the desired substance, be it PRP or hyaluronic acid multiple times into the exact depth of the dermis required. This stimulates the skin to produce more collagen which results is smoother, plumper skin.

Not really. I tried this in France at a meeting (without any anaesthetic!) and was very surprised at the lack of discomfort. That said, we do apply an anaesthetic gel for 45 mins pre treatment so discomfort is absolutely minimal.

This depends on the problem to be treated. Usually 3 treatments are recommended 4-6 weeks apart. A great maintenance regime would be to have this treatment once a year in combination with PRP and Dermapen.

The risks of micro-needling are minimal when properly used. The main risk is infection to punctured skin, and strict sterilisation protocols are followed. Your skin is carefully cleaned and anaesthetised with a local anaesthetic cream before treatment. A topical antiseptic or alcohol is used to control risk of infection, and all items are single use only.

Micro-needling is safe for all skin colours.

After care. Following the needling, a relaxing hyaluronic acid mask is applied for 10 minutes to hydrate and soothe the skin. Your skin will look very red, as if sunburned, following treatment and will feel tight and dry. We recommend treating as you would sunburn, using plenty of a plain moisturiser such as iS Clinical Shield balm with clean hands. By the following day the redness will have lessened, and it is possible to use make up. Moisturise frequently. Your skin will return to normal quickly, but it will be three to four weeks before you begin to notice the benefits of the needling. We often notice that your skin will look tired for a while before it begins to improve – give it time.

From £295 for one treatment (for example face and neck).

With hyaluronic acid or other skin boosters, £295 per treatment. In combination with Dermapen, £495. With PRP and Dermapen, £750.

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