Simple procedure to remove moles, birthmarks and skin tags

Radiosurgery is a minimally invasive scalpel-free technique which uses carefully applied focused RF heat using a small surgical tool to remove unwanted tissue, for example skin tags or benign moles.

For Mole & Skin Tag Removal

Radio frequency technology is used in medicine every day in operations with diathermy to stop small bleeding points during surgery and also to ablate (remove) tissues, such as the inside of the uterus to treat excessive bleeding. Radiosurgery has been used for over 50 years in medicine and is extremely safe in the correct hands. It can be used to remove benign skin lesions ( lumps & bumps), moles and skin tags without scalpels, stitches or scars.

Before & After - Radiosurgery

How Does It Work?

A current of electricity is applied to the tool, either a loop or a very small narrow blunt tip and this causes local destruction of tissue without causing injury to the surrounding area. Usually only one treatment is recommended. Occasionally, larger lesions will need another treatment, essentially carefully 'shaving' off the surface in very small layers.

What are Moles?

In simple terms, a mole is a cluster of pigmented cells that appear on the surface of the skin. Moles can appear anywhere on the body in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colours, and they can also be flush to the skin or raised. As we age, the appearance of our moles can change and develop, so it is important to be aware of these changes and seek medical advise if anything appears unusual.

Essential Info

Is there downtime?

Yes, the area must be kept clean and free of makeup for four to five days. Sunbathing and sunbeds are definitely to be avoided. The area usually looks pink or red for the first day or two, but starts to fade after that. The redness will usually fade in two to three weeks.

Is there discomfort?

Local anaesthetic cream is applied to the area and left on for half an hour. This means that any local anaesthetic injections, which numb the deeper layers are not felt. So, essentially, it is pain free.

This will depend on how many lesions are to be removed. 45 mins to one hour is usually enough.

Usually, once the lesion has been removed it does not grow back. On the odd occasion it does, it can be re-done quite easily.

Prices start at £350 for treatment of one lesion. This includes anaesthesia, post procedure, skin care and follow up.

Additional lesions are £200 each, up to a maximum of £750 for whole face and neck treatment of multiple skin tags and moles.

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