Bingo Wings

Treat specific areas of fat deposition and skin laxity

Upper arm triceps laxity or “Bingo Wings” as they are commonly called is something which can creep up on us and, despite intense exercise, will not respond to muscle tightening.

Skin Tightening & Liposuction

The problem lies with the skin becoming lax as we age and also with the deposition of fat in the gravity dependent areas. This is particularly resistant to diet or exercise. Fortunately, there are treatments, which can specifically address this issue. BodyTite (Invasix) is radio frequency assisted liposuction and is the platform we use to treat specific areas of fat deposition and skin laxity. The important difference with this technology is that it adds skin tightening to liposuction. So there’s much less risk of loose skin remaining after the fat has been removed.

How Is It Carried Out?

After a thorough consultation at least 2 weeks prior to the procedure, photos are taken, consent is signed, and measurements made. The areas to be treated are then marked with a patient felt pen. The whole process is carried out in a theatre environment and local anaesthesia is used. There’s no need for sedation.

A Dual Effect

Once you have been marked, skin prepped and draped, a small incision is made under local anaesthetic and fluid containing more local anaesthetic is infused gently into your upper arms. This makes the area to be treated completely numb. The BodyTite cannula is then inserted and the fat and skin are gently heated. This has the dual effect of melting the fat and also tightening the skin. After this, the liposuction is carried out and the fat causing the bingo wings is removed via a liposuction cannula.

Essential Info

For best results?

At the end of the procedure, which takes about 2 hours in total, the tiny wounds are dressed with steri strips and a supportive post lipo garment is put on. This should be worn for about 6 weeks, even if only in the evenings and at night for the best results.

Are there any risks?

As with any surgical procedure, there are short term risks of bruising and longer term risks of burns, infection and nerve injury. With care, experience , prophylactic antibiotics and methodical aseptic technique, these risks are minimal.

Lipo garments are provided and, at follow up, we will treat any uneven contours with BodyFx (the non invasive fat removal and RF skin tightening device).

The cost is £3,250.

At 67, most of my wrinkles were on the lower half of my face. What I now have is a younger, fresher version of myself. I’m totally delighted with the treatments which were expertly applied, had speedy recovery times and most importantly fantastic results.
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