Hand rejuvenation

Intensive hand rejuvenation targeting skin texture, volume, tone and pigmentation
Combined treatments effectively target the various signs of aging skin on hands. Results include fuller, fresher-looking skin, more supple, with fewer fine lines and pigmentation issues

Beautiful hand rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation

Just like the rest of our bodies, our hands show signs of aging. In fact, sometimes, because we usually don’t use sun block on them (and often don’t moisturise) they may look older than our faces. The main problems are thinning skin, loss of elasticity and pigmentation (sun spots).

As with the aging face, the best way to treat this is by combining specific treatments.

Volume loss can be addressed with dermal fillers. Also, one of the most effective ways to treat thinning skin on the backs of hands is with PRP injected gently into the skin, which stimulates collagen production( See PRP )

We usually combine this with IPL treatment which is carried at the same time. IPL targets pigmentation in the skin and is especially effective for clearing brown pigmentation marks caused by sun damage.

COST for the combination treatments

I would recommend Dr. Willis to anyone who is concerned with safety. The results were fabulous and I will definitely return for more when I need it... Thank you so much.

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