IPL Intense Pulsed Light

Advanced treatment for pigmentation and sun damage
Uneven pigmentation, fine veins or sun spots are the most aging of skin features. IPL treatment effectively targets pigmentation to reveal clearer, more even skin

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IPL skin rejuvenation

IPL treats skin pigmentation, resulting in clearer, fresher skin. As a bonus, IPL is also a collagen stimulant which builds the elasticity of the skin.

What is IPL? IPL is a light therapy that uses flash lamp technology to deliver a small bandwidth of intense light into the dermis of the skin. The particular wavelengths of the light delivered (browns and reds) are especially good for treating AGE SPOTS, PIGMENTED CHANGES AND BROKEN VEINS. IPL can treat anywhere on the body (legs, arms, hands, neck, décolletage) but is most commonly used on the face.

IPL is useful for everybody, with or without age spots. It is excellent for evening out tone and is especially good in the winter when exposure to sun is less common. We usually add it on to most packages offered.

How does IPL work?

The intense energy of the light penetrates the skin to a precise depth. This causes anything with the targeted pigment to heat up. In the case of MELANIN, the granules, which have formed into large deposits over years of sun damage, shatter into smaller pieces. This happens in all directions and can be seen at treatment as a darkening of the pigmented areas. The smaller granules of melanin pigment are then either carried away in the blood stream or, if they rise to the surface of the skin, are simply washed off. In the case of superficial visible blood vessels (known as broken veins), the energy delivered to the blood vessels causes them to coagulate and close off, stopping the blood flowing through them and, effectively obliterating the blood vessel. It then simply disappears.
IPL also causes breakdown of older collagen in the dermis. This is a strong stimulant of new collagen production so the net result is an overall increase in collagen content. This result becomes apparent after about a month after the treatment.

Is IPL safe?

As with all advanced light therapies, there is always a risk of burning. For this reason, we do not treat with IPL if there is a history of sun exposure, sun bed use (or fake tan use) in the 3 weeks before treatment. When in doubt, we do a small patch test before the full treatment.

Post treatment care?

There is little down time with IPL. Your skin will be red immediately after treatment, but that will largely subside as it cools. Aloe Vera gel cools and soothes the skin. In cases of multiple age spots, you will look more pigmented for a few days as the spots darken and rise to the surface. Because the skin isn’t broken, makeup can be used immediately.
You should take care with exposure to the sun and wear high protection UVA and UVB sunblock.

What does IPL cost?

From £150 for each full face and neck treatment (including hands)
If legs are included add, From £50

"I have always found Nicola to be professional yet personal at the same time. Knowing she is medically qualified gives me complete confidence and trust in all that she does. Being able to receive such consultations and treatments locally is of paramount importance to me due to my busy working schedule. The results are amazing."

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