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Fibroblast Treatment

Recently, there has been a surge in interest in this ‘new’ treatment. Hopefully this will answer some questions. What is it? The ‘’Fibroblast Treatment” is a term usually used by clinics/aestheticians to describe a ‘minimally invasive, non-surgical blepharoplasty’. A...
Dr Nicola Willis with her sculpted heads

‘No-Knife facelift’ as seen in the Record

Dr Nicola Willis was interviewed for the Record, read the full article about her love of sculpting faces and changing livesDR NICOLA WILLIS has combined her knowledge of medicine with her love of art to help clients feel happier with themselves through facial...

What has Madonna done to her face?

Last week Madonna appeared on the red carpet at the Met Ball; What, the Daily Record wanted to know from Dr Willis, had the Material Girl done to her face, and what causes the ‘big cheek cat-eye effect’

Facetite, or, the changing face of facelifts

Over the past few years the number of people seeking facial rejuvenation has soared dramatically. Where the numbers of all procedures have risen, the percentage of surgical facelift procedures has fallen dramatically. Dr Willis explores combinations which result in remarkable no-knife facelifts

No-knife facelift with added volume

FaceTite is a remarkable treatment for lifting and tightening the skin of the face. Combined with necktite and lipo, remarkable contouring is achieved. However in some cases, age-related volume loss in the upper face calls for particular contouring, and the adding of volume to build up fuller contours.

Facetite Facelift

Fat transfer or, the ‘organic facelift’

Fat Transfer involves taking fat from one place in the body (usually the stomach), purifying it by extracting blood and other fluids, then carefully placing it to contour another part of the body. Combined with facetite and liposculpting, remarkable facial contouring is possible.

Spread from Ayrshire Magazine

as seen in Ayrshire Magazine .08 Lust edition

On 30 January 2016 Ayrshire Magazine featured Nicola Willis, showcasing talent in Ayrshire. With customers from Qatar, Nigeria & London, Dr Nicola Willis is another example of the amazing talent we have in Ayrshire. Read the interview here

“My skin was lovely and fresh…thanks to all your hard work! Thanks so much for making me feel the best I’ve ever felt!”

||Facetite, I would recommend this to anyone without hesitation. You have made me the happiest person alive. I can't thank you enough||

“It wasn’t about looking younger. It was about looking less tired and healthier. It was about looking alive not wrecked half the time. I love it and would do it again (Forma)”

“All superlatives! Trust her completely. Would recommend her unreservedly. Always completely thrilled with treatment results.”

“My skin is so much healthier, more even, glowing. After many years I am now going without cover-up makeup thanks to Fractora and Forma ... no more make up melt-down during inevitable hot flushes!”

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Advanced clinical skin rejuvenation at Dr Nicola Willis Clinic offers many procedures for skin including wrinkle relaxing treatments, dermal fillers, non-surgical facelifts, body-lipo and energy assisted treatments. The Practice is situated in an elegant Arts and Crafts House in Troon, Scotland and offers the charm of open fires and a very warm welcome. The Clinic is fully registered and regulated by Health Improvement Scotland.

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